The true story of what BP oil exposure has done to people, including sudden and surprise death, even 8 years later. Many cancers take years to develop after exposure occurs. Did you work on the oil spill?

Bailey Stuart, daughter of Frank Stuart, interviewed him about his work as a first responder as a civil engineering firm, developing, organizing, and supervising, the estuary and coastal protection plan based out of Lafitte, Louisiana. She used the footage for a film project at Loyola University. Her dad suggested she call it, "Oil & Water Don't Mix". Little did they know a year later, there would be a part 2 to the disaster as BP lawyers even accurately predicted. The movie starts with its premiere in Lafitte, followed by victims responding to the film and sharing their own story. If you know anyone who died or was injured as a result of exposure to the BP oil, honor them by posting their name and circumstance in our BP Memorial by click here. Honor yourself if you were injured as well.