Isn't this what lawsuits are for?

Would you board a plane if an unacceptable number crashed? Safety is not proprietary and the primary motivation for improving safety in each instance is that neither the public (as consumers and as voters) nor the government would allow such enterprises to operate if they suffered many accidents. Even inherently risky businesses can be made much safer, given the right motivations and systems-safety management practices.

The market has a financial mechanism for encouraging risk-managing behaviors: the cost of insurance and the liability of lawsuit settlements. Without it, the cost that rightfully belongs to the business gets subsidized by the victims through their costs of resources, opportunities, health, and life. This should be a pay-me-now or pay-me-later situation, but either way the burden belongs to the business. It is critical that compensation to victims be paid in full, and that the process for receiving compensation is swift and efficient and should be considered the cost of doing business.

Offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is a revenue generator enjoyed by both industry and government so the Gulf of Mexico has enjoyed regulatory exemption to not stifle production. In short, the safety risks dramatically increased with the shift to the Gulf ’s deep waters, but Presidents, members of Congress, and agency leadership had become preoccupied for decades with the enormous revenues generated by such drilling rather than focused on ensuring its safety. With the benefit of hindsight, the only question had become not whether an accident would happen, but when.

Victims don't want to depend on social services. They want to take care of themselves and keep their dignity. So we ask you, the public, to continue to support those who are victims and help them get their day in court, and that we find opportunities to remind our politicians that their purpose is to support these citizens, not to just take donations from these very same companies. Please sign the petition to request a judicial hearing into the delay and denial of justice.