BP spill victims say people still getting sick, and getting little help

People who are sick or have relatives getting sick and dying gather to demand more from BP 8 years after massive oil spill

Source: BP spill victims say people still getting sick, and getting little help

Today we held a press conference in front of Herman & Herman, the law firm who not only misrepresented thousands and thousands of our citizens leaving them hustling for healthcare, dying, and not compensated for their injuries in the BP clean-up effort, but they also allowed a sham settlement for BP to monitor, screen, and develop a medical protocol advisory. My husband went into the emergency room with an 8 week medical mystery. None of the doctors could figure out what was causing the illnesses he was presenting until the last week when he was too weak to fight a Leukemia (AML) battle.

Steve Herman’s official response to our press conference was, “To date, more than 22,000 cleanup workers and coastal residents have received a total of $67 million from the BP medical settlement. This does not include the 21-year medical monitoring program established for clean-up workers.” What he neglects to say is the 22,000 workers and residents averaged less than $2000 each for disabling illnesses causing loss of jobs and quality of life, and the SHAM monitoring program which I believe cost my husband his life by not being informed that his work on the clean-up effort could bring on a sudden onset of AML. Had Herman & Herman done their job, I believe my husband would be alive today. I am surprised no one has sued them yet for ineffective counsel.

My husband was a former client of Herman & Herman and I personally knew one of the Herman’s so I felt a personal connection to them when a lawyer friend recommended I call them about representing my case in a Back-End Litigation Option lawsuit. I spoke with partner Soren Gisleson. He said Herman & Herman did not want to pursue BP anymore and that they, along with the rest of the legal community, had BP fatigue. In fact, if I search for a lawyer, it would be hard to find one to represent me due to the time and expense of getting experts such as toxicologist to review my case. But he said he would be happy to meet with me to give me a brief history on the topic. Is it just me or does this sound like I am trying to be talked out of filing a lawsuit by a BP lawyer?